Thriller Ball

3040 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

From $20.00

No upcoming date/times for this event.

Father Greg St. Laurent & Mother Teyana St. Laurent Presents…. 

The Thriller Ball 


Commentated By: Legendary Enycę La Vogue

DJ ALIGN Oricci on the Beats 🎧 

$30 entry all night. Please be on time, ball will be ending at 10. 

$20 Pre sale link:


OTA Realness: $500

School Boy: Michael in the letterman jacket, before transformation in the movie portion of the 13 min short film version of the music video


Zombies, vampires and goblins ain’t got shit on you 

Gangsta lean right past them wearing red and black. 


The city has gone mad, ghouls and goblins everywhere and we need your help. Tonight you are the Deputy. 

Prettyboy Realness: 

Michael was a smooth criminal when it came to wooing ladies hearts. Tonight we want you to be a dapper ladies man wearing black and red, and in honor of Michael wear one of his signature gloves. 

FQ / BQID Realness: 

You are Michael's date. Bring it as (Ola Ray) in the movie part of the 13 min short film version of the music video, w/ the poodle skirt. 


The City has gone wild, you are the SHERIFF! tonight we need you to save the city. 

OTA Runway: $500

Study the short film version of the music video. Embody anything in the official 13 minute long version and bring a still photo from the video to show your replica. 

Best Dressed: $500

Tonight you will be the THRILL in a sickening red and black ensemble. 

OTA Sex Siren: $500

Bring it as a sexy wolf

OTA Performance: $500

The Zombies. The effect is strictly important. THIS IS HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! Don't fuck it up.

OTA Face: $500

Ola Ray (FF) VS Michael (Male Figures). Choose which version of them you would like to be from the 13 minute short film.

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Los Globos
3040 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
+1 (323) 666-6669